Trait amethyst::prelude::SystemDesc[]

pub trait SystemDesc<'a, 'b, S> where
    S: System<'a>, 
{ pub fn build(self, world: &mut World) -> S; }

Initializes a System with some interaction with the World.

Required methods

pub fn build(self, world: &mut World) -> S

Builds and returns a System.


  • world: World that the system will run on.
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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<'a, 'b> SystemDesc<'a, 'b, HideHierarchySystem> for HideHierarchySystemDesc

impl<'a, 'b> SystemDesc<'a, 'b, TransformSystem> for TransformSystemDesc

impl<'a, 'b, A> SystemDesc<'a, 'b, Processor<A>> for Processor<A> where
    A: Asset + ProcessableAsset, 

impl<'a, 'b, T> SystemDesc<'a, 'b, PrefabLoaderSystem<T>> for PrefabLoaderSystemDesc<T> where
    T: PrefabData<'a> + Send + Sync + 'static, 

impl<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b, G> SystemDesc<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b, SelectionKeyboardSystem<G>> for SelectionKeyboardSystemDesc<G> where
    G: Send + Sync + 'static + PartialEq<G>, 

impl<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b> SystemDesc<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b, UiButtonSystem> for UiButtonSystemDesc

impl<'a, 'b, T> SystemDesc<'a, 'b, EventRetriggerSystem<T>> for EventRetriggerSystemDesc<T> where
    T: EventRetrigger, 

impl<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b> SystemDesc<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b, TextEditingMouseSystem> for TextEditingMouseSystemDesc

impl<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b> SystemDesc<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b, UiSoundSystem> for UiSoundSystemDesc

impl<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b> SystemDesc<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b, TextEditingInputSystem> for TextEditingInputSystemDesc

impl<'a, 'b, G, T> SystemDesc<'a, 'b, SelectionMouseSystem<G, T>> for SelectionMouseSystemDesc<G, T> where
    T: BindingTypes,
    G: Send + Sync + 'static + PartialEq<G>, 

impl<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b, T> SystemDesc<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b, DragWidgetSystem<T>> for DragWidgetSystemDesc<T> where
    T: BindingTypes, 

impl<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b, B> SystemDesc<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b, UiGlyphsSystem<B>> for UiGlyphsSystemDesc<B> where
    B: Backend, 

impl<'a, 'b> SystemDesc<'a, 'b, UiTransformSystem> for UiTransformSystemDesc

impl<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b> SystemDesc<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b, ResizeSystem> for ResizeSystemDesc

impl<'a, 'b, T> SystemDesc<'a, 'b, InputSystem<T>> for InputSystemDesc<T> where
    T: BindingTypes, 

impl<'a, 'b, F, R> SystemDesc<'a, 'b, DjSystem<F, R>> for DjSystemDesc<F, R> where
    R: Resource,
    F: FnMut(&mut R) -> Option<Handle<Source>>, 

impl<'a, 'b> SystemDesc<'a, 'b, AudioSystem> for AudioSystemDesc

impl<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b> SystemDesc<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b, MouseFocusUpdateSystem> for MouseFocusUpdateSystemDesc

impl<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b, T> SystemDesc<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b, FlyMovementSystem<T>> for FlyMovementSystemDesc<T> where
    T: BindingTypes, 

impl<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b> SystemDesc<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b, FreeRotationSystem> for FreeRotationSystemDesc

impl<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b> SystemDesc<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b, CursorHideSystem> for CursorHideSystemDesc

impl<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b> SystemDesc<'system_desc_a, 'system_desc_b, AutoFovSystem> for AutoFovSystem

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