[][src]Trait amethyst_assets::Progress

pub trait Progress {
    type Tracker: Tracker;
    fn add_assets(&mut self, num: usize);
fn create_tracker(self) -> Self::Tracker; }

The Progress trait, allowing to track which assets are imported already.

Associated Types

type Tracker: Tracker

The tracker this progress can create.

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Required methods

fn add_assets(&mut self, num: usize)

Add num assets to the progress. This should be done whenever a new asset is put in the queue.

fn create_tracker(self) -> Self::Tracker

Creates a Tracker.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl Progress for ()[src]

type Tracker = ()

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impl<'a> Progress for &'a mut ProgressCounter[src]

type Tracker = ProgressCounterTracker

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