[][src]Enum amethyst_rendy::ChangeDetection

pub enum ChangeDetection {

Helper structure for tracking indexed changes for per-image draw call recording.



Has not changed, considered stable


Change occurred, index of value


impl ChangeDetection[src]

pub fn can_reuse(&mut self, index: usize, changed: bool) -> bool[src]

Returns true if recording is not needed and the image can be re-used.

pub fn prepare_result(&mut self, index: usize, changed: bool) -> PrepareResult[src]

Returns the proper PrepareResult case using can_reuse

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ChangeDetection[src]

impl Copy for ChangeDetection[src]

impl Debug for ChangeDetection[src]

impl Default for ChangeDetection[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for ChangeDetection

impl Send for ChangeDetection

impl Sync for ChangeDetection

impl Unpin for ChangeDetection

impl UnwindSafe for ChangeDetection

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