[][src]Struct amethyst_rendy::formats::mtl::MaterialPrefab

pub struct MaterialPrefab {
    pub albedo: Option<TexturePrefab>,
    pub emission: Option<TexturePrefab>,
    pub normal: Option<TexturePrefab>,
    pub metallic_roughness: Option<TexturePrefab>,
    pub ambient_occlusion: Option<TexturePrefab>,
    pub cavity: Option<TexturePrefab>,
    pub uv_offset: TextureOffset,
    pub transparent: bool,
    pub alpha_cutoff: f32,
    // some fields omitted

PrefabData for loading Materials


albedo: Option<TexturePrefab>

Diffuse map.

emission: Option<TexturePrefab>

Emission map.

normal: Option<TexturePrefab>

Normal map.

metallic_roughness: Option<TexturePrefab>

Metallic-roughness map. (B channel metallic, G channel roughness)

ambient_occlusion: Option<TexturePrefab>

Ambient occlusion map.

cavity: Option<TexturePrefab>

Cavity map.

uv_offset: TextureOffset

Texture offset.

transparent: bool

Set material as Transparent

alpha_cutoff: f32

Alpha cutoff: the value below which we do not draw the pixel


impl MaterialPrefab[src]

pub fn clone_loaded(&self) -> Self[src]

Clone the loaded material prefab to a new instance with an independent transparency value.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for MaterialPrefab[src]

impl Default for MaterialPrefab[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for MaterialPrefab[src]

impl<'a> PrefabData<'a> for MaterialPrefab[src]

type SystemData = (WriteStorage<'a, Handle<Material>>, WriteStorage<'a, Transparent>, ReadExpect<'a, MaterialDefaults>, <TexturePrefab as PrefabData<'a>>::SystemData, ReadExpect<'a, Loader>, Read<'a, AssetStorage<Material>>)

SystemData needed to perform the load

type Result = ()

The result type returned by the load operation

impl Serialize for MaterialPrefab[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for MaterialPrefab

impl Send for MaterialPrefab

impl Sync for MaterialPrefab

impl Unpin for MaterialPrefab

impl !UnwindSafe for MaterialPrefab

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