[]Trait amethyst_rendy::rendy::hal::command::IntoRawCommandBuffer

pub trait IntoRawCommandBuffer<B, C> where
    B: Backend
{ fn into_raw(self) -> <B as Backend>::CommandBuffer; }

A trait for types that can be converted into raw command buffer.

Required methods

fn into_raw(self) -> <B as Backend>::CommandBuffer

Converts into raw command buffer.

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impl<B, C, S, L> IntoRawCommandBuffer<B, C> for CommandBuffer<B, C, S, L, <B as Backend>::CommandBuffer> where
    B: Backend

impl<B, S> IntoRawCommandBuffer<B, Graphics> for SubpassCommandBuffer<B, S, <B as Backend>::CommandBuffer> where
    B: Backend,
    S: Shot

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