[]Enum amethyst_rendy::rendy::hal::AcquireError

pub enum AcquireError {

Error on acquiring the next image from a swapchain.



Out of either host or device memory.


No image was ready and no timeout was specified.


No image was ready after the specified timeout expired.


The swapchain is no longer in sync with the surface, needs to be re-created.


The surface was lost, and the swapchain is no longer usable.


Device is lost

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for AcquireError

impl Copy for AcquireError

impl Debug for AcquireError

impl Display for AcquireError

impl Eq for AcquireError

impl Fail for AcquireError

impl PartialEq<AcquireError> for AcquireError

impl StructuralEq for AcquireError

impl StructuralPartialEq for AcquireError

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for AcquireError

impl Send for AcquireError

impl Sync for AcquireError

impl Unpin for AcquireError

impl UnwindSafe for AcquireError

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