[]Struct amethyst_rendy::rendy::hal::SwapchainConfig

pub struct SwapchainConfig {
    pub present_mode: PresentMode,
    pub composite_alpha: CompositeAlpha,
    pub format: Format,
    pub extent: Extent2D,
    pub image_count: u32,
    pub image_layers: u16,
    pub image_usage: Usage,

Contains all the data necessary to create a new Swapchain: color, depth, and number of images.


This type implements the builder pattern, method calls can be easily chained.

let config = SwapchainConfig::new(100, 100, Format::Bgra8Unorm, 2);


present_mode: PresentMode

Presentation mode.

composite_alpha: CompositeAlpha

Alpha composition mode.

format: Format

Format of the backbuffer images.

extent: Extent2D

Requested image extent. Must be in SurfaceCapabilities::extents range.

image_count: u32

Number of images in the swapchain. Must be in SurfaceCapabilities::image_count range.

image_layers: u16

Number of image layers. Must be lower or equal to SurfaceCapabilities::max_image_layers.

image_usage: Usage

Image usage of the backbuffer images.


impl SwapchainConfig

pub fn new(
    width: u32,
    height: u32,
    format: Format,
    image_count: u32
) -> SwapchainConfig

Create a new default configuration (color images only).


pub fn from_caps(
    caps: &SurfaceCapabilities,
    format: Format,
    default_extent: Extent2D
) -> SwapchainConfig

Create a swapchain configuration based on the capabilities returned from a physical device query. If the surface does not specify a current size, default_extent is clamped and used instead.

pub fn with_mode(self, mode: PresentMode) -> SwapchainConfig

Specify the presentation mode.


pub fn with_image_usage(self, usage: Usage) -> SwapchainConfig

Specify the usage of backbuffer images.


Trait Implementations

impl Clone for SwapchainConfig

impl Debug for SwapchainConfig

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for SwapchainConfig

impl Send for SwapchainConfig

impl Sync for SwapchainConfig

impl Unpin for SwapchainConfig

impl UnwindSafe for SwapchainConfig

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