[]Trait amethyst_rendy::rendy::hal::Instance

pub trait Instance: Send + Sync + Any {
    type Backend: Backend;
    fn enumerate_adapters(&self) -> Vec<Adapter<Self::Backend>>;

An instantiated backend.

Any startup the backend needs to perform will be done when creating the type that implements Instance.


use gfx_backend_empty as backend;
use gfx_hal as hal;

// Create a concrete instance of our backend (this is backend-dependent and may be more
// complicated for some backends).
let instance = backend::Instance;
// We can get a list of the available adapters, which are either physical graphics
// devices, or virtual adapters. Because we are using the dummy `empty` backend,
// there will be nothing in this list.
for (idx, adapter) in hal::Instance::enumerate_adapters(&instance).iter().enumerate() {
    println!("Adapter {}: {:?}", idx, adapter.info);

Associated Types

type Backend: Backend

Associated backend type of this instance.

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Required methods

fn enumerate_adapters(&self) -> Vec<Adapter<Self::Backend>>

Return all available adapters.

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impl Instance for Instance

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