[]Struct amethyst_rendy::rendy::memory::DedicatedAllocator

pub struct DedicatedAllocator { /* fields omitted */ }

Dedicated memory allocator that uses memory object per allocation requested.

This allocator suites best huge allocations. From 32 MiB when GPU has 4-8 GiB memory total.

Heaps use this allocator when none of sub-allocators bound to the memory type can handle size required. TODO: Check if resource prefers dedicated memory.


impl DedicatedAllocator

pub fn properties_required() -> Properties

Get properties required by the allocator.

pub fn new(
    memory_type: MemoryTypeId,
    memory_properties: Properties
) -> DedicatedAllocator

Create new LinearAllocator for memory_type with memory_properties specified

Trait Implementations

impl<B> Allocator<B> for DedicatedAllocator where
    B: Backend

type Block = DedicatedBlock<B>

Block type returned by allocator.

impl Debug for DedicatedAllocator

impl Drop for DedicatedAllocator

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for DedicatedAllocator

impl Send for DedicatedAllocator

impl Sync for DedicatedAllocator

impl Unpin for DedicatedAllocator

impl UnwindSafe for DedicatedAllocator

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