[]Struct amethyst_rendy::rendy::memory::Heaps

pub struct Heaps<B> where
    B: Backend
{ /* fields omitted */ }

Heaps available on particular physical device.


impl<B> Heaps<B> where
    B: Backend

pub unsafe fn new<P, H>(types: P, heaps: H) -> Heaps<B> where
    H: IntoIterator<Item = u64>,
    P: IntoIterator<Item = (Properties, u32, HeapsConfig)>, 

This must be called with gfx_hal::memory::Properties fetched from physical device.

pub fn allocate(
    &mut self,
    device: &<B as Backend>::Device,
    mask: u32,
    usage: impl MemoryUsage,
    size: u64,
    align: u64
) -> Result<MemoryBlock<B>, HeapsError>

Allocate memory block from one of memory types specified by mask, for intended usage, with size and align requirements.

pub fn free(&mut self, device: &<B as Backend>::Device, block: MemoryBlock<B>)

Free memory block.

Memory block must be allocated from this heap.

pub fn dispose(self, device: &<B as Backend>::Device)

Dispose of allocator. Cleanup allocators before dropping. Will panic if memory instances are left allocated.

pub fn utilization(&self) -> TotalMemoryUtilization

Get memory utilization.

Trait Implementations

impl<B> Debug for Heaps<B> where
    B: Debug + Backend

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<B> RefUnwindSafe for Heaps<B> where
    <B as Backend>::Memory: RefUnwindSafe

impl<B> Send for Heaps<B>

impl<B> Sync for Heaps<B>

impl<B> Unpin for Heaps<B>

impl<B> UnwindSafe for Heaps<B> where
    <B as Backend>::Memory: RefUnwindSafe + UnwindSafe

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