[][src]Trait amethyst_rendy::Backend

pub trait Backend: Backend {
    fn unwrap_mesh(mesh: &Mesh) -> Option<&Mesh<Self>>;
fn unwrap_texture(texture: &Texture) -> Option<&Texture<Self>>;
fn wrap_mesh(mesh: Mesh<Self>) -> Mesh;
fn wrap_texture(texture: Texture<Self>) -> Texture; }

Extension of the rendy Backend trait.

Required methods

fn unwrap_mesh(mesh: &Mesh) -> Option<&Mesh<Self>>

Unwrap a Backend to a rendy Mesh

fn unwrap_texture(texture: &Texture) -> Option<&Texture<Self>>

Unwrap a Backend to a rendy Texture

fn wrap_mesh(mesh: Mesh<Self>) -> Mesh

Wrap a rendy Mesh to its Backend generic.

fn wrap_texture(texture: Texture<Self>) -> Texture

Wrap a rendy Texture to its Backend generic.

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impl Backend for Backend[src]

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